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If you are tired of hearing about dodgy real estate deals and are looking for a reputable company that will help your investments succeed, you’ve come to the right place.

REALTY BUNDLES is a revolutionary real estate investment platform that allows you to choose from a wide range of investment options and diversity your risk from only €1,000!

Watch the video below to get to know us better

Here are just a few of the opportunities we have available today

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Spreads the investment across tens (and in the future, thousands) of assets across Europe to diversify risk across assets and countries.



Finances development loans for residential and commercial projects across Sweden.


Lakaspont (Budapest)

Invests in a variety of residential properties, commercial assets and more in Budapest, Hungary.


YGI (Portugal)

Invests in rental apartments, development projects and more across Portugal.

Learn more about these and other opportunities from REALTY BUNDLES!

Why join the REALTY BUNDLES revolution?

No more bureaucracy, substantial financial risks or uncertainty, with REALTY BUNDLES, investments are a breeze. We believe in Bundles, property packages that we build with trusted partners across Europe. Our standards are ridiculously high and not every agency or property meets them. We’ll provide you with 100% transparency and a constantly updated selection of investment opportunities.

A variety of great investment opportunities.

We take care of the bureaucracy for you.

Start investing in small amounts.

Profit distribution right into your bank account.

Stay updated 24\7 on our platform.

Flexible exit options if you want out.

We work with trusted agencies. Our standards are HIGH.

We offer a revolutionary solution: we work for investors. It's just a question of joining us and reaping the rewards



A winning team: REALTY BUNDLES employs 20 experts and 6 senior consultants from a variety of fields including investment, real estate, marketing, risk management, finance, regulation and more. We share one goal: to help investors like you succeed. We measure our success as a company by your success as an investor.


REALTY BUNDLES has received a prestigious financial grant from the European Union in recognition of our achievements in business innovation and for helping investors in international real estate succeed.

Watch the video about our business concept

It is now possible to build an international real estate portfolio in minutes

Dive in and enjoy the peace of mind you have never before experienced in the world of real estate investment.

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