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Where you will discover the benefits of becoming a shareholder in the leading real estate investment platform in Israel, a platform that allows anyone to become a real estate investor and turn a profit.

Our fundraising campaign is in its final days.
This is your last chance to become a shareholder in a company that is shaping the future of the real estate investment market worldwide.


Join us for a Zoom training session where we will reveal the value of investing, the importance of timing, the company's vision and the action plan for the coming years!

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Noam Amram
Your host

Noam is the founder and CEO of REALTY BUNDLES. He has extensive experience in managing technological projects and was previously a senior project manager at several hi-tech companies and a manager of Israeli research and development corporations that partnered with prominent companies and researchers from leading Israeli universities.

The secret of REALTY BUNDLES' success comes from our work in the field

REALTY BUNDLES offers a smart and flexible investment model that proves its value through profitable, bespoke investment opportunities that are suitable for every type of real estate investor. The numbers speak for themselves: our growth rate is increasing year by year both in terms of the flow of investments and the number of investors. More and more customers are discovering that REALTY BUNDLES works for them and allows them to be important players in the real estate game.

Key points about the company

Consistent growth in the number of investments made on the platform


Year-on-year increase in the scope of investment supply (trades)


Increasing numbers of real estate fund partnerships


Active investments in dozens of projects


Membership of approximately 1,000 entrepreneurs and private investors


Dozens of partnerships with real estate and other companies worldwide


A vibrant investor community that is an integral part of REALTY BUNDLES’ success

Our investors' trust in the company is one of the main contributing factors to our success and growth

Investors who value real estate investments are key contributors to the success of REALTY BUNDLES as both investors in Bundles and shareholders in the company itself. Our investor community believes in the company and grows with it.

A unique investment in the future of real estate investing

Easy digital interface, convenient and in Hebrew


Early access to investment opportunities in quality real estate around the world


Diversification through the Bundle model (each Bundle contains several projects to reduce risk and increase returns)


Strategic collaborations with real estate funds and banks


A professional network of the best international real estate experts in the world


A strong investor community that grows together with the company

The above is general information only. It should not be considered to constitute advice and/or an investment recommendation. Every investment carries with it the risk of financial loss.
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